The staff here at Escape Room are always being asked for tips on how to escape (with the occasional attempted bribe for the exit code). We decided to share some of our top tips with you, although this is usually safely guarded information…


Work as a team

 It sounds obvious, but our escape games require a good level of teamwork! We’ve seen our fair share of arguments and disagreements, but these waste precious minutes when you are already strapped for time! Split up, search the room for clues and make use of every member of your team.


Communication is key!

 If you find something in the room that you think could be relevant, shout it out to your team mates! Clues are everywhere, so it’s good to use every pair of eyes. Make sure everyone knows which clues have been used and which puzzles have been solved so no one is left feeling confused!


Ask for clues (if you need them)

We run an efficient hint system that you can use whenever you are out of ideas! Some people don’t like to ask for clues, but in the interests of time it might be your best option… Our Game Masters are highly trained in giving vague but helpful hints, which might just be what you need to escape!


No idea is a bad idea

Our Escape Rooms are designed to be tricky, filled with logic puzzles to really get that grey matter going. When hunting for clues, remember that they can be subtle and require a bit of extra thinking for them to make sense. No idea is a bad idea but try not to over-complicate things!


Use your time wisely

One hour inside our Escape Rooms really does fly by, so it’s essential that you use every minute wisely! Ask for clues, allow your team mates to have a go at each puzzle and remember the more brains, the better! Listen to each other’s ideas but remember to work quickly.


Keep these tricks in mind when coming to play at Escape Room and we’re sure you’ll have the best chance of escaping! But remember, it’s the taking part that counts (or so they say).

We have lots of different games of varying difficulties, so there’s something to suit everyone, from beginner escapees to our more experienced players! Hope to see you for a game soon!

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