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You are the captain of Hong Kong's elite team of police forensic evidence investigation experts. You and your team have been called into investigating a homicide case at an abandoned apartment, after the murderer responsible effectively covered his tracks to baffle the police force. However, after hearing that you are on the verge of exposing his identity; he has set out to trap and eliminate you completely. You and your team have 60 minutes to gather the evidence needed to expose the killer’s identity, while figuring out a way to escape from the brilliant murder’s fatal grasp, or suffer an unthinkable fate.

Safari Jungle

You travel a long way to visit your great-granduncle in Africa during an annual gathering and discover that your ancestor is an avid treasure hunter. You stumble across a secret treasure map left behind by your ancestor while you are snooping around the house. You and your friends have decided to go to the safari jungle in search of the secret treasure. With the deadliest insects and animals lurking besides you, you and your friends have to find the secret treasure and escape the safari jungle before you and your friends become the prey.

Prison Break

You are locked in a maximum security prison and are awaiting your execution. You were framed by a serial killer and you are now facing charges for a murder. There were multiple attempts to escape from this prison but many people failed and most inmates were either killed or recaptured while others disappeared without a trace, giving hope to inmates that there are ways to escape! You have sixty minutes to escape from the premises and free yourself before the prison guards return.

Sherlock Holmes

Your team has been recruited by the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes for a mystery case. The owner of the Scarlet Diner, William Garnet was found dead in his own establishment, whether it is a homicide case or a suicide the truth remains unknown. However there are traces of clues and unexplainable evidences left behind the scene leading Sherlock Holmes to suspect that the death of the diner owner is a homicide case. Your team as the Baker Street Irregulars needs to uncover the mystery and bring justice to this town.

Spy Mission

Your team works for a secret organization named “Knight Order”; a classified government agency specialized in international espionage and black operations. Recently an elite group in the agency known as “White Knights” has gone rogue and was deemed a threat to national security. Your mission should you choose to accept it, is to infiltrate White Knights’s safe house and uncover the conspiracy against your nation.

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