The Escape Room provides a unique team building experience by encouraging groups of people to work together in order to solve a series of puzzles within a pressured 60 minute time frame. There is something about working against the clock brings out qualities in people they may not even know they had!

At our Manchester branch, we have five different games to choose from, meaning we can cater to both small and large corporate groups!

Each escape game can hold a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 5 or 6. Across all five games we can accommodate up to 27 players every hour. The beauty of our escape games is that they can be slotted in as part of your other team building activities, or you can book multiple games with us and make a day of it!

Our venue is situated across the river from Manchester Cathedral and the sights can be taken in from our lovely balcony. To top it all off, we also have an exclusive bar on site just for our customers, so you are welcome to join us for a few drinks to hopefully celebrate your escapes. There is plenty of seating and social space which makes it the perfect venue for interacting and talking escape tactics.

Our live escape games encourage your colleagues to work together and interact with one another in a completely new way. Mixing up teams of people who would not usually work together is a great way for people to get to know each other, in a more informal and fun environment.

 There’s also nothing better than the feeling of victory, so when teams escape they feel a sense of camaraderie and achievement! This type of team building activity can increase productivity and energy levels, as the buzz of escaping takes a long while to wear off!


If you are looking for something unique and completely different for your corporate or team building event, we would be more than happy to design a package to suit you. Get in touch and see what we can offer you!

Email us at enquiries@theescaperoom.co.uk or give us a call on 0161 637 7760.

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